OUG Ireland 2012


Long time no speaky!

Well, on 21st March 2012, I spoke at the OUG Ireland conference. The title of the presentation was “to iterate is human, to recurse divine” – a touch pretentious, I know. The event started for me the night before, meeting Roel Hartman, Jan Navratil¬†and Frits Hoogland for some beers and food (followed by a few more beers and some pool).

It was even more interesting with it being my future wife’s birthday on the day of the conference. The presentation did not go too badly but was massively under time. This was partly by design but not to *that* extent – lesson learned for next time I present this. Afterwards I believe I did my lady proud and got her so tipsy that she forgot me getting the restaurant to sing her Happy Birthday by the next morning!

This year promises to be rather busy on the old conference front for me and OUG Ireland was a great way to get started! I even got chance to speak to Debra Lilley to float the idea of an Isle of Man based event, who promptly walked me over to Karen McCormack so that she could look into the viability of the idea (once I’ve given here some details). These kind of networking opportunities just don’t happen unless you go to conferences and Special Interest Group meetings, so I encourage all of you to support your local ones as much as you can this year.¬†

I’m going to try and blog regularly from now on, but I’ve said that before and failed.

No promises, but I WILL TRY!