ExtJS and cliffs…

Okay, I haven’t posted in a very long while…

So, apologies for the delay, but such is the result of falling off a cliff!

I have mentioned a few times that I was working on some ExtJSy stuff and some people have asked me when it will be ready. Quick answer is not very soon but I would welcome you to have a look at where I’m at so far.

I took great inspiration from Mark Lancaster (I do hope you’ve seen his site), and Matt Nolan at e-DBA. The route I took was to use a PL/SQL package to dynamically (probably strecthing the use of the word there…) create the ExtJS scripts based on the meta data from the APEX tables and a bit of DBMS_SQL, a few application processes and a couple of standalone JS files in the header of the page template. It’s all pretty clean and generic.

On the home page there’s a little portal kind of thing where the positions of things are based on the region positions, columns etc. If you find the page with some grids on it – it uses the alignment, default sort settings etc. from the APEX data as well. So you just enter the report query and settings as normal in APEX and the PL/SQL package picks all of that up to create the grid.

It’s just a starting point at the moment and something I hope to work on when in finer form.

So sorry for the wait and sorry it’s only just started but here’s the link…

Munky’s Zoo

Please e-mail me with suggestions for what to do next…


7 thoughts on “ExtJS and cliffs…

  1. Looks very promising!

    I worked with EXTJS in some projects too, but didn’t make it generic (enough) to simply reuse. I think the approach of generating the EXTJS pieces based on the APEX dictionary is the only way to go to get more maintainable code.
    I would also encourage you to have a look what Patrick Wolf did with his APEX Lib framework because it shows nicely how to extend the APEX functionalities.


    • Hi Dimitri

      That’s what I going for. The idea is that the developer would use APEX as normal and then just specify with the region static ID, or item/label template that it should be rendered using ExtJS. As the tabs are actually iFrames of other pages in the application, any ‘normal’ APEX pages can be used and then just added to the APEX list and the tree will pick them up.

      Hopefully there should be more regular updates to this now that its out there (there’ll be more pressure on me to get on with it!).

      Thanks for the feedback.


  2. I like the purple (Y). I saw a similar kind of app from e-dba at the UKOUG…that was very cool 😮 the regions could be resized and I believe could be positioned anywhere.

    • Okay, I’ve just fixed the first page and now you should be able to re-arrange regions within the tabbed frame, I’ve also (hopefully) fixed it so that it works in IE now… I’ve had contact with e-DBA and we’re both doing similar things with ExtJS but in different ways.

      You must also appreciate that I do this for a laugh whilst watching Casualty, not as a commercial venture – I have a full time job too!

  3. Nice work you did there!

    Do you know if there is a jQuery equivalent version of it available on the internet? Since APEX 4.0 uses jQuery, this would avoid loading (and maintaining) two javascript libraries.



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